Flipping the Funnel

Posted by David Meerman Scott 11:40 AM on January 30, 2006

Flipping the Funnel, is a great new ebook from Seth Godin which was just published today. The ideas Seth presents about using Web content are spot on. And I am flattered that my blog and my Squidoo lens: Web Content that Sells are mentioned in Flipping the Funnel (on page 15) as an example of how bloggers use a Squidoo lens to promote their blogs and ebooks and vice versa. How cool is that?


Download Flipping the Funnel here.

In Flipping the Funnel, Seth says: "Turn strangers into friends. Turn friends into customers. And then… do the most important job: Turn your customers into salespeople." The examples throughout focus on Web content.

And the ebook is published in three slightly versions: one for corporate-types, one if you’re a politician and one for non-profits. Nice positioning for different buyers.

Read it today. Hey, it's free.

David Meerman Scott

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