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January 09, 2006


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Michelle Manafy

I wish I could say this was a surprise, but did you know that MIT's Technology Review magazine just went from 12X per year to 6? The publisher cited a lack of advertising support, as did CMO. The fact is that "niche" publishing (I can't speak to mainstream magazines as I'm in B2B myself) are suffering two fold--subscribers don't want to pay for subscription, as they've come to view all content as free. Advertisers don't get the immediate gratification from print ads they do from Web ads (click through, feed back, track-ability and so on).

The problem with the subscriber issue and the notion that, "online, content wants to be free" has been written about extensively. The advertiser issue is one that I believe only a completely revised notion of the value proposition of print advertising can combat. Print and online advertising are not the same thing and must be sold quiet differently. The problem is that advertising reps are caught between the two worlds and haven't found a message that speaks to both effectively. And while many may think that focusing solely on Web based advertising is the answer, the problem remains that the ad rates are significantly lower than print and, as yet, they can't sustain the resources required to produce the level of content that readers expect.

It is time for a business model remix, David.
Michelle Manafy
Editor EContent Magazine (yes, print and online)

Nike Shox Navina

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