Blogs and Wikis: Are they enterprise ready?

Posted by David Meerman Scott 12:39 PM on December 03, 2005

I spoke at the Gilbane Conference on Content Management Technologies this past week. There were several interesting panel discussions on the question of blogs and wikis. Basically, everyone wants to know if blogs and wikis are enterprise ready. What whould we make of corporate blogs and corporate wikis?

My personal opinion is YES the enterprise is ready for blogs and wikis. To suggest they are not is like putting your head in the sand. The same questions about "enterprise readiness" was encountered with PCs invading the workplace, then email and the Web. Like chewing gum, once into your hair, you can't get it out – corporate IT departments will have a great deal of difficulty keeping new technology out.

Some quotes from panalests:
Ross Mayfield, CEO of Social Text
"The hardest part of getting rid of corporate controls is beginning to trust people"
"Ease of use has made blogging take off"
"Blogs are better for individual voice and for conversation. Wikis are better for group voice."

David Berlind, executive editor of ZDNet
"Blogs and Wikis are tricking people into becoming HTML authors."
"Watch out for the new generation of employee who has grown up with IM and MySpace. When they enter the workplace, things will change."

Coach Wei, founder & CTO, nexaweb
"Blog and Wiki software is essentially a CMS system which is provided to individuals."

David Meerman Scott

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