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November 12, 2005


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Thank you for your advice. I think this post will greatly benefit my readers. I appreciate your insight. Check out my blog "The Business Owner Blog at www.jefflevin.com.


I would agree that releases are old and tired, but what you’re missing in my view is the ability for an agency to target media with a live voice and coordinate briefings with the intended audience. Release only get so far and the audiences you speak about are bombarded with hundreds of releases a day. Talk about clutter.

However, clouding the release pipeline because your company opened an envelope can make the organization look small-time.

Scott Abel

Good points, David. I'd like to add to your suggestion list that organizations might also explore using peer-to-peer file sharing services -- infamous for their ability to allow geographically dispersed groups of people to share music and video files. But, these services don't limit what you can share. You can just as easily share a folder full of PDF marketing brochures as you can Madonna dance remixes.

By subscribing to services like LimeWire (www.limewire.com), organizations can share press releases with anyone that keyword searches for those terms. Not many folks are doing this, but some are. It involves minimal efort. And, it's inexpensive.

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