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August 24, 2005


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colin bryson

new cd fucking fantastic keih back 2 his snakeskin licking best ron griding away charlie like a steam train with his fills @ mic u havet lost your touch like a jim morrison spitting spainish virgin lol good c u get back grass roots the slide sends shiver down my spine hutch wood loved track14 as well as the rest

veronica robles

son mi pasion son unos capossss!!


i've been listening to the stones since day one..never seen them live..this tour, i went online to see ticket purchases and prices for a friend that wanted 2 tic's for himself and his girlfriend..i could'nt beleive thr prices of these tickets..no offense to all u stones fans but i would never pay that high price to see anyone..really who the hell do they think they are..i seen zeppelin several times since 1974 till they stopped touring..and my honest opinion is zep blows the stones away by far..theres alot of people that would love to see the stones live..but in today's world who the hell can afford it..i feel that the stones made enough money off their fans but what about the fans that don't have that kind of money to spend on their ticket's..i guess they mean shit to the mighty stones so really do the stones care about their fans or just getting rich off them..i think thats awful and inconsiderateof the stones..i would'nt go see their show if they paid me to go..i would love to zep again..they're the real stars..


the rollingstones arnt the worldsgreatest rockinrollband for fuckin nothin they are the greatest because they earned it and they are worth it.they also do bennifit concerts like the one in tronto canada for sars i absouelty love the rollingstones espicaly mick.


I think the Stones are Great , the most exciting concert I've ever seen. The most rememerable event of my life. It really touched my heart and Im very thankful I've had the chance to see them live in concert. I think Mick is very handsome and he's still going full blast. Hurrah! STONES FOREVER !



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