One in ten blog readers personalize content with RSS

Posted by David Meerman Scott 08:46 AM on August 22, 2005

Nielsen//NetRatings recently announced the results of a new "Understanding
the Blogosphere"
survey. One in ten blog readers use RSS feeds to manage their
various blog reading habits. This is a percentage that I'd predict will grow
significantly over time.

One thing that this statistic would suggest is that bloggers,
particularly corporate blog writers, need to understand what delivering content
through RSS means to them. When one out of ten people aren't actually coming to
your blog, you need to focus on making certain that the keywords and tags that
you use are appropriate for your posts. If you do a good job of marking your
posts, the RSS readers and syndication services such as Technorati will pick up
your post via tags
and more people will read it.

"While RSS is an established technology, the growing
popularity of blogs has catapulted RSS into the spotlight as a content
personalization tool," said Jon Gibs, senior research manager, Nielsen//NetRatings.

David Meerman Scott

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