Webinars – Great Online Thought Leadership

I’ve participated in a bunch of Webinars recently as a featured speaker. Organizations that use Webinars as thought leadership events to attract a targeted audience are engaging in smart marketing.

Last week PR Newswire sponsored a Webinar about Online Media Rooms. There were three main speakers talking about Online Media Rooms. I represented journalists and provided my list of Online Media Room content best practices.  We also had an owner of a PR agency - Gina Seamans from Accent PR - and a corporate communications executive (Meryl Ginsberg), both who make use of Online Media Rooms. The event was moderated by Dee Rambeau from DVCO Technologies. It was a great lineup.

The remarkable thing is that we had 1700 people register for the event and something like 500 people asked questions online during the presentation. What a terrific turnout! It certainly illustrates the power of a targeted thought leadership based Webinar.

David Meerman Scott

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