Cartoons -- great content for any Web site!

Posted by David Meerman Scott 04:23 AM on July 01, 2005

Content that turns browsers into buyers takes many forms. The best sites use not only text-based content, but photos, tables, charts, and graphs to enhance Web site appeal.

I particularly like what a compelling, well-placed cartoon can do for a site. For example, for my new Web site I commissioned a custom cartoon that shows precisely what my expertise is. The cartoon tells people with two panels what many words often fail to do.

I worked with Dan Rosandich for my cartoon. For the past quarter of a century, fulltime cartoonist & humorous illustrator Dan Rosandich has continually produced article illustrations and panel cartoons for magazines, newsletters, books, educational manuals, presentation specialists, websites, graphic design firms, T-shirts, fortune 500 company art directors and a wide variety of other projects.

David Meerman Scott

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