RSS For Corporate Communication

Okay, I'm probably  not the only one that finds that the technology du jour can get buzzed into submission (blogging being the most obvious example), but RSS potentially packs a punch that will transcend its own hype. As an editor, I love the idea of another way to get content into the hands of readers and the fact that it circumvents (with most readers) overstuffed email inboxes and Spam issues (being opt in) also holds a lot of appeal. But like blogging, RSS is finding its way into corporate applications as well, as evidenced by the CEO Blogger's Club's recent post offering Ten Ideas for Corporate RSS Feeds. The list includes useful ideas for how to leverage RSS in the enterprise in a variety of ways--from standard press relations to customer information. Unfortunately, they site doesn't emphasize the fact that creating compelling content that will not only inspire individuals to subscribe to your feeds, but further the objectives of your organization is of primary import. Technology alone will not help you better communicate. You need content.

David Meerman Scott

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