PR Submarine

I frequently discuss how important the relationship between PR & Marketing professionals and the media is. I know, they work on "different sides of the force" but if they find a supportive balance that works, both of their jobs are easier. Today I read a wonderful essay on the symbiosis between the two fields called Submarine, which I highly recommend giving a read (even though writer Paul Graham doesn't seem to like reporters all that much). While Graham makes snide remarks about journalistic vanity and laziness--that are probably grounded in reality, I hate to admit--he does make an offhand reference about them being "overworked," and needing the support of the PR community. Well I may be lazy and vain, but I am certainly understaffed. Media companies work on the tightest of margins and staffing always looks like fat for cutting further up the food chain. I do rely on the give and take of effective marketing to help me find story leads, get advances on forthcoming announcements, and to help me develop story ideas I have in the works. Give it a read, Graham proffers food for thought for both sides.

David Meerman Scott

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