Who Will the Next-Gen Marketing Moguls Be?

Posted by David Meerman Scott 12:09 PM on March 02, 2005

Today I read an amazing article at Business Week Online called The Next Generation: For today's execs, digital is where the action is. It provides an interesting read for anyone interested in digital content and coming trends, but it also offers significant insights into the leaders (and their tactics) of the next wave of digital media. Of particular interest to marketers will be the author's assertion that "this new digital world can seem like a Tower of advertisers used to the established rules of trade." No doubt, all of us are grappling for rules to play by in the digital ether. There's hope, however, as the article lauds the efforts of Joanne K. Branford Microsoft's Chief Media Revenue Officer, who  "is making it her mission to reassure marketers that they're getting their money's worth when they spend online," by trying to establish standardized performance measures for online viewership. 

David Meerman Scott

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