Journalists Take Note: The Web is a City

Posted by David Meerman Scott 02:19 PM on March 18, 2005

As I said in my January column in EContent Magazine, Many members of the media don't understand bloggers' role on the Web. They get defensive and cry "not real journalism!"

Huh? Did bloggers ever claim to be journalists? Unfortunately, many continue to think of the Web as a sprawling online newspaper, which justifies their need to (negatively) compare blogging to what they do. The metaphor of the Web as a newspaper is inaccurate on many levels, particularly when trying to understand blogs.

It is better to think of the Web as a huge city teaming with individuals and blogs as the sounds of independent voices just like the street corner soapbox preacher or that friend of yours who always recommends the best books.

Or as Ana Marie Cox of Wonkette says, blogging is like "throwing spitballs from the back of
the class."

David Meerman Scott

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