Animal Rubber Bands -- not a commodity

Posted by David Meerman Scott 04:30 AM on March 08, 2005

One of the best things compelling Web content can do is show that your product or service is not a commodity. And by doing so, you can command premium prices and differentiate the product from everything else in the marketplace. This is true in every product or service category.

In my daughter's middle school, the fad of the month is animal rubber bands -- a very cool and interesting version of a very basic commodity product. The kids love these things, they wear the multicolored ones on their wrists just like Lance Armstrong Live Strong bracelets.  They trade them with one another and use them in school projects.

It is amazing how different Animal Rubber Bands are from plain old commodity priced and packaged rubber bands.  A package of 2500 plain ones cost only $4.99 for 2500 at Staples, but the special animal ones command a premium price of $8.00 for 24 bands.

All products and services will benefit from a focus on creating content describing what's different and unique. And with that description comes the ability to cash in at premium prices and to differentiate from the run-of-the-mill versions of similar offerings from other companies.

David Meerman Scott

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