Cashing in with Content at the SIIA show

Posted by David Meerman Scott 11:30 AM on February 02, 2005

I’m at the SIIA Information Industry Summit in the awesome
Gotham Hall. As this is a professional information industry show, I was curious
to see what interesting ideas the presenters had for using content to drive
action. After all this is a group of professional publishers. In a panel on balancing online revenue channels, Ken Richieri, Vice
President at the New York Times mentioned a cool way to cash in with

At the NYT site, photos taken by staff photographers that
aren’t used for the print paper are turned into interactive slideshows with
audio. I found this great example in a story from today called "Where the Boys Are Is Where the Girls Should Be" covering a recent Paris fashion show. I like this because photos that would normally end up “on the
cutting room floor” because they aren’t used in print are turned into content
that drives interest (and generates ad dollars) online.

David Meerman Scott

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