Integrating Sales, Marketing, and Communications

Posted by David Meerman Scott 03:06 PM on January 02, 2005

Recently I’ve poked, prodded
and analyzed the Web sites, marketing programs and sales strategies of quite a
few diverse organizations. I’ve noticed
that many B2B companies as well as consumer and non-profit organizations don’t
do a particularly good job of integrating programs. Sadly, the failure to integrate sales,
marketing and communications will always result in lost opportunities.

One of the most
cost-effective ways to help drive sales is to look for ways to leverage the
programs you’re already doing by re-purposing the content for other
initiatives.  Too often, organizations
spend tons of money on, say, a PR program that targets a handful of journalists
but they forget to communicate the same information to clients and
prospects. Or a company’s advertising
program designed to generate new sales leads will drive people to a Website
that doesn’t match the message of the ads resulting in lost interest.

David Meerman Scott

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